Sublime Text 3 Packages for basic PHP Development

Sublime Text 3 has awesome packages for all kinds all things and in this blog post I will write about packages that make me happy when using for web development. So let's start!

Package Control

First things first, We need to install Package Control to install other packages. To install package control we open Command Palette, to open it go to Tools->Command Palette or with shortcut Shift+Ctrl+P on Linux.

Here is the picture:

installing package control

now we can install other packages with Package Control. You can search and install other packages by name via opening command palette and typing Install Package then you just type the packages name you want to install. Also we can browse packages on  and you can read documentation, usage and configuration of packages.


The first package I install after Package Control is phpfmt. This packages is a must have for php developers. With PHPFMT you can format your code when you save file, to install packages using package control press Shift+Ctrl+P to open command pallette and type 'install' then type the package name you can to install in our case this is phpfmt.

installing packages

Before we can use this package we must define path to php binary file. Open config settings Preferences->Package Settings->phpfmt->Settings - User. Attention! never modify Settin_gs - Default file as the changes will be lost once Sublime updated.

   Specify php_bin to location of php binary and don't forget to set       

   format_on_save to true and then you can forget about all this as it

   will format your php code automatically.



using phpfmt



SublimeLinter PHP (and its required dependency, SublimeLinter) rely on PHP's built-in linter. This is a simpler version that only runs the linter, nothing else. This check errors on your php code. Install it just like you installed phpfmt.


GitGutter shows you git diff on Sublime. modified or deleted, updated?



SideBarEnhancements as the name suggests extends sublime's sidebar.



Great package enabling very comfortable use of SFTP, FTP and FTPS. It supports remote folders browsing, editing and synchronization between local and remote files. Also regular upload, download, save or file open.


This package is not for php but it is my go to package when working with javascript files. This package like phpfmt formats javascript code. Before using this package we must install prettier depency install with this command

npm install -g prettier

Then install jsPrettier package and open settings file like we opened on phpfmt. As an example config:

	"debug": false,
	"prettier_cli_path": "/home/tasqyn/.asdf/installs/nodejs/9.2.0/.npm/bin/prettier",
	"node_path": "/home/tasqyn/.asdf/shims/node",
	"auto_format_on_save": true,
	"auto_format_on_save_excludes": ["*/node_modules/*"],
	"allow_inline_formatting": true,
	"custom_file_extensions": [],
	"max_file_size_limit": -1,
	"additional_cli_args": {},
	"prettier_options": {
		"printWidth": 100,
		"singleQuote": false,
		"trailingComma": "none",
		"bracketSpacing": true,
		"jsxBracketSameLine": false,
		"parser": "babylon",
		"semi": true,
		"requirePragma": false,
		"proseWrap": true

prettier_cli_path - path to prettier.

node_path - path to node

You can change settings accordingly to your needs.




These are the packages I use all the time. Of course there are many packages for Sublime Text 3, You can browse them on and choose your favorites.

This is my first blog post like ever so there be many mistakes feel free to point it out.

Thank you for reading!