We have renewed gezimanya.com, the biggest travel portal of Turkey.

We have renewed the website of Gezimanya, which is an independent travel platform established in 2011 with the purpose of filling in the gap of travel content in Turkish. We have recreated Gezimanya in terms of social media, which enables the travellers reach reliable and correct information with thousands of travel notes on thousands of destinations, informative articles, shared posts by other travellers, ten thousands of photographs and videos. The users now visit a website of gezimanya.com that is much richer and practical with an endless content feed.

We have created the information entry and display infrastructure on various fields in the website with Travel Notes, Interviews, Announcements, Events, Galleries, Hints, Most Liked Blogs, Videos, I was There as well, Special Articles and other content structures. Carrying out these developments, we have not forgotten the mobile environment that is a must in our day, and we have developed the website in terms of a mobile application as well.

The project of Gezimanya through Drupal infrastructure has been a successful project in terms of social media, which demonstrates how a complex web application must be developed. Gezimanya is our country's biggest travel platform, where the users subscribe, share their articles, contribute to the content with their comments, share photographs, and show in their profiles the countries that they have visited or they want to visit.

gezimanya.com, where Hotel bookings, Flight Ticket and Tour sales can as well be made besides the users' shares, offers an entire solution to travel lovers.


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