We updated more than 50 websites belonging to TED University

We renewed multiple websites for TED University, one of the most distinguished educational institutions in Turkey. It was founded by the Turkish Education Association, which is the established leader of educational NGOs in Turkey.

With its student oriented philosophy, TED University is considered to be one of the best educational institutions in Turkey, offering high-quality course standards, dynamic teaching, research programs and a multitude of opportunities for local and abroad engagement.

We created a practical and responsive website, in compliance to the high quality standards of our client:

  • We made the best out of the Drupal dynamic and strong infrastructure for creating a user friendly interface
  • We added integrations such as Continuing Education Centre, Online Application System and Payment Integration.
  • The content is now easy to share on social media through Social Media Integration
  • The design is modern and classy, yet simple and efficient

TED University's institutional website has different colour and design elements for each of its faculties and departments, and is now compatible with all mobile devices and tablets.

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