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Take your digital experience to the next level with our Decoupled Development service - Flexible, scalable, and designed for success!

Decoupled applications are applications that work in the background with web services and do not have a web interface.

They can serve as the background of a mobile application, as well as provide background support for front-end applications such as ReactJS and Svelte.

Decoupled applications typically communicate with web services. Data in a Decoupled application will be transferred to other applications through RestAPI. Decoupled applications can provide data to multiple interfaces and provide flexibility for applications.

In some cases, your applications may serve different purposes and need to be structurally more flexible. In such cases, the Decoupled application architecture provides you with great flexibility. With a single background application, you can create an architecture that provides data to multiple environments. This way, it doesn't matter what languages other applications are developed in; you can provide data to different environments through standard web services.

We develop modern and flexible Decoupled applications with the Drupal content management system and can create an architecture according to your needs.